This month, we continue to support the charities One Tree Planted and The Ocean Cleanup Project. A percentage of non-FSC material sales goes to One Tree Planted, and a percentage of plastic material sales goes to The Ocean Cleanup Project.

The country chosen by our customers to plant trees in through One Tree Planted was Armenia – a big thank you to those of you who voted this month, if you would like to vote for next month’s country, click the link below.

This month’s donation figures are:

One Tree Planted: 72 trees planted.

The Ocean Clean Up Project: £81.



About Armenia

 Armenia is known for its mountainous landscape, but its forests have diminished over time because of agriculture and domesticated livestock grazing. Volcanic plateaus and high mountain ridges also combine to form the countrys natural structure, and with our support we can help to revitalise this beautiful terrain.

Like many countries, Armenia was once blanketed with trees; however today only 11% of the country is forested along with 80% of the land being under threat of desertification. One Tree Planted is trying to give back Armenia what it has lost.


How will our donations be used?

The simple is answer is One Tree Planted will select specific species of tree based on which ones will benefit Armenia’s eco system the most. The effect of this will be the gradual restoration of landscapes and ecosystem health for generations. Social impacts can also be taken into account, because improving the forest coverage empowers rural villagers through training and increased employment rates – for example seed collectors and forest rangers.

To conclude, the project will combat climate change as a whole, restore landscapes, promote biodiversity – trees provide habitat for wildlife and improve waterways, therefore balancing ecosystems – and empower local communities to enable them to positively impact their local ecosystem.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non- profit organisation, founded in 2013 by a Dutch inventor named Boyan Slat. They are dedicated to combating the millions of tons that enter the oceans anually – developing technologies to efficiently stem the flow of plastic waste entering the oceans (typically via rivers). The following list is of some of The Ocean Cleanup’s activities throughout June.

 – 953 truckloads of rubbish intercepted in Guatemala so far this year.

– Interceptor 019 operational in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand.

– Plans to deploy in India. Data collection started, with a plan to begin operation by the end of the year.

– Interceptor 002 in River Klang Malaysia brings its total catch to 2,168,000 kg. Equivalent to the weight of almost 12 jumbo jets.