As part of our project to become more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. We now support two fantastic charities, One Tree Planted, and The Ocean Clean-up Project. Their goals are simple, to reduce the impact on our planet by planting trees globally and cleaning our oceans to restore aquatic life and lessen pollutants. To contribute to this, we will be donating 1% of all profits from FSC-approved paper label products, and 1% of all our plastic label products to each affiliated company, in an effort to support their goals.

One Tree Planted: What do we want to achieve?

Every month we want to share with you the difference each and every one of us is making. We plan on planting our total monthly amount to different countries, so we make the largest global impact. This month, your donations will be directed toward restoring trees in the Philippines.

The Philippines have been known to support primary rainforests in Southeast Asia. Through deforestation, many areas however have been decimated, as well as tropical rainforests, unique bamboo, and mangrove ecosystems. By planting trees in the Philippines, your helping the B’llaan Tribe restore deforested land into rainforest in the Mount Matutum Protected Area.

There are many different habitats across the Philippines too, making it one of the world’s seventeen “megadiverse countries” and a biodiversity hotspot. Endangered wildlife including the Philippine Eagle and Tarsier, as well as 1,196 known species of amphibians, birds, and mammals cannot be located anywhere else. With your support through these donations, we will help restore and protect the island’s biodiversity, and the livelihood of the local communities.

So, in Summary: Why are we planting these trees?

  1. To create an impact on community life and support indigenous groups.
  2. Positive environmental impacts by restoring trees and the water cycle of a landscape, preventing erosion and catastrophic flooding.
  3. Protecting endangered wildlife.

Deforestation in the Philippines:

The Philippines as a tropical nation suffers from deforestation massively. Tropical forests are home to 50-90% of Earth’s species, and a quarter of all our medicines come from tropical plants. Let’s fight climate change together and reduce the destruction of these essential and beautiful forests and landscapes.

You can track deforestation via the Global Forest Watch Link Here

Now the good news!

This month, we have contributed £93 to One Tree Planted, which planted 110 trees in the Philippines! We will consistently update our fantastic and loyal customers with the impact we are all contributing to the restoration of these forests around the world.

Eco Donations: The Ocean-Clean-up

The Ocean Clean-up Project is dedicated to restoring the oceans and ridding them of plastics and waste that pollute our oceans. This screen grab was captured on a run they did on the Pacific Ocean on the coastlines of LA County during a storm in California.

They heavily strive to remove plastics, with about 1,000 rivers and five ocean rubbish patches that they contribute to restoring, which will halt 80% of river line pollution reaching our oceans. . The worlds biggest area of accumulated plastic is known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, located in the North of the Pacific.

This month, our joint efforts contributed £62 to the restoration of rivers and oceans, and the fantastic removals this non-profit organisation commits to undertaking every day. Read more about their impact and missions on their official website and social media platforms.

  1. The Ocean Clean-up Website
  2. The Ocean Clean-up Twitter
  3. The Ocean Clean-up Instagram
  4. The Ocean Clean-up LinkedIn