Are you looking to learn how to make labels for jars, but not sure where to start? When creating your own labels, for a specific use, the first thing you must identify is whether you have an existing design ready or if you need to know how to make your own labels for jars from scratch.

How to Make Custom Labels for Jars

Creating custom labels for jars can be both exciting and frustrating if you are unaware of the full design process. Here are our top tips on how to make custom labels for jars:

Choose your Shape

When it comes to labels for jars, deciding on the shape you want will make a big difference to the outcome and final look, so make sure you consider which option best suits your needs. Shapes can range from Round, Rectangular, Oval, Square, and Heartshaped, adding the perfect look to your jars.

Select a Size & Overall Quantity

Labels sizes can range all the way from 10mm – 289mm depending on your chosen shape. Identifying the size of the jars that you will add your labels to is crucial in knowing how to make your own labels for jars and ensuring that the balance between the product and label compliment eachother. In terms of quantity, at A4 labels you can order labels for jars in packs of 20, 100, 500 even custom order alternative sizes or amounts.

Pick your Material & Adhesiveness

There are many label materials to choose from when designing your custom labels so discovering which will work best for you and your label usage is the next step. These materials and adhesions can consist of: Biodegradable, recycled paper, waterproof, freezer adhesive, brown paper, removable, sticky and more. Considering whether you want your labels to be permanent or removable is also important and can affect which material to choose.

Decide on your Desired Colour

From metallic gold or silver, to coloured and fluorescent labels (and of course the classic – white), deciding the colour of your labels can impact engagement with your jars, act as colour codes or even act as a warning. With colour, you can influence a user’s actions and thoughts about the jar, the contents and general safety levels when in contact. Colours can give off connotations, giving you free range to create the perfect feeling or emotion attached to your jars.