As chosen by our customers, the location of our March tree donation is Kenya. Thanks to your orders and location choice, we were able to donate £100 to plant 124 trees in the Kijabe Forest. Reforestation in Kenya supports its ecosystem, promotes wildlife protection, and fosters sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

This month our warehouse staff, Ethan and Callum, created a country shortlist of 4 places for you to vote on where we will plant next. Follow this link to place your vote!

Kenya has suffered tree loss for many years now, trees such as East African Pencil-Cedar and African Olive used to dominate this area of the world. Roughly only 1 third of this forest area stands now. The Kijabe Forest is only about 5,000 hectares but a community of 200,000 people depends on it for water, wood, and agriculture.

Track the forest coverage in Kenya here… 

In order to successfully reforest Kenya, One Tree Planted will work directly with communities to protect, conserve, and restore Kenyan forests, helping to safeguard water and other ecosystem services. It will improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable rural households, support gender equality by employing more women, and increase crop productivity, household income, and food security.

The Effects on Kenya

The presence of a regenerating forest is incredibly important for biodiversity. By creating more habitats, a significant increase in species numbers has been noted. Kenya has seen an increase in hyenas and leopards in recent years.

Through the use of agroforestry from your donations, some fruit trees planted in Kenya will support crop production and local communities. The shade provided will also protect people from various weather conditions.

The Ocean Cleanup Project

The Ocean Cleanup Project work tirelessly to remove the pollutant waste found across our oceans. This month, we were able to donate a total of £53 to help restore these worldwide. One of their latest projects include deploying System 002/B, and after 48 hours of of harvesting the impact made within the retention zone was incredible.

Throughout this month, they also intercepted the Jamaican barriers to help remove rubbish spread across the oceans, and to prevent it from reaching further into the Caribbean Sea!

Track their efforts on their social media Twitter Page Here