How to set up printing with our templates

  1. Once you have chosen your label size, you will need to download the corresponding equivalent template from our free templates page found on our website. We manufacture all our labels here in our warehouse using these exact template layouts for the cutters, so you shouldn’t have to adjust the margins once it has been downloaded.
  • Now that you have downloaded a Microsoft Word template (.DOC), or a PDF template that can be opened and accessed in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other design software, you are ready to start laying out your labels.

For Microsoft Word templates, you can either choose to add text, or images ready to print. We have two short tutorials explaining how to do this correctly. These can be found below for your viewing:

How To Add Text to Microsoft Word Templates

How to Add Images to Microsoft Word Templates

How to Add Images to PDF Templates in Adobe Illustrator

Are your templates not lining up properly when you print?

If you are experiencing printing issues. The main cause of this is that certain printer settings have been enabled, that will affect how the margins are printed onto your labels. Your printer can sometimes believe it is being helpful by enabling ‘shrink to fit’ or ‘fit to page’ somewhere within Microsoft Word or on your print setup, which can cause the margins on the labels to shrink and therefore print out of place. You need to ensure that these settings have been turned off or set to print on a regular A4 sheet size with no scaling. We have some more short tutorials for common errors that may occur. If you are using design software such as Adobe Illustrator, you will need to check your software’s settings to ensure no scaling is enabled or set to 100%. For Microsoft Word documents, this can be a few things which can be highlighted in the video below:

How to Fix Microsoft Word Scaling Issues

Alternatively, you can use Avery’s in-built templates within Microsoft Word

If you are still having trouble laying out your labels on the template, maybe you’re having trouble removing the guidelines for example, you can use Avery’s in-built templates that align accordingly with our labels. Unfortunately, round labels are different from Avery’s structure, so this method would be beneficial if you are using any of our rectangular labels only.

Steps to produce a rectangular Avery template in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word A4 document.
  2. Go to ‘Mailings’ on the top ribbon bar.
  3. Click ‘Labels’ found in this section, and it should open up a new window called ‘Envelopes and Labels.
  4. Click on ‘Options’ in this box and it should open up a new window.
  5. Here, ensures the ‘Tray’ is set to ‘default Tray’ and ‘Label Vendors’ is set to ‘Avery A4/A5’.
  6. Under product number, find the equivalent Avery code that matches up to the template you require. We have all of the equivalent codes found in our templates section here. Find the correct one and click ‘Ok’.
  7. On the box still open, click ‘ New Document’, and it should produce a template for you to which you can add text and imagery too.

Want to Mail Merge?

Our templates are not specially designed for mail merging. However, Microsoft Word templates offer in-built mail merging functionalities. This is usually created by exporting an Excel Spreadsheet into a Microsoft Word Label Template. As this should populate the corresponding fields. (We recommend looking up a quick tutorial on this or enquiring with Microsoft themselves on how to complete this process).

Still, having trouble?

If you have already purchased blank labels but having trouble laying out and printing on top of them, we can help! We have an Artwork Service which you can utilize for a small fee. We will get a member of our design team to lay out the artwork for you onto a corresponding Microsoft Word and PDF document, and then send you the files print ready. If you are still experiencing trouble after this, there must be settings interfering with the printing process, in which case, check the previous steps to try and rectify these issues. If you do not make any progress, you can pop on our live chat located on our website and a helpful team member will attempt to help you fix these problems.


If you want printed labels but are unsure of the technicalities of laying these out. Don’t fret! We have a custom-printed labels section, which means all you have to do is supply us with the artwork, and we will have these pre-printed and dispatched ready to be peeled off and stuck onto your products or equipment.

To order these, simply head to our ‘Custom Print’ section on our website, and choose from the following options

Print Option:

Black Only (If you are only printing black and want this digitally printed)Digital Full Colour (If you are printing labels that have colour and want this digitally printed)Litho Black Only (If you are printing a large quantity of labels in black only, and need these to be specially litho pressed)

Litho Full Colour (If you are printing a large number of labels with colour and need these to be specially litho pressed)

Choose Label Shape:

Choose either a rectangle or round shape. We cannot print squares, ovals, or hearts, unfortunately.

Choose Label Size:

Choose the size of your label. We cannot print extremely small sizes as this can cause too much of a delay with our production team.

Choose Material:

What Material did you want your labels printed on?


The number of sheets you would like to be printed. The minimum amount is 5.

Upload Artwork:

Either upload your artwork via this upload button or alternatively email it to us at:

Add to basket and proceed to checkout.