Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels & Their Uses

Cosmetic product labels are used for a variety of substances ranging from make-up, personal care, styling products, skincare, nail varnish, and any other products that come in contact with external parts of the body.

The purpose of cosmetic labels is vital for consumers to understand the ingredients of a product, how to use/ apply that product, and if it’s suitable for what they’re looking for. In addition to these requirements, labels for cosmetics are also great for brand awareness and enticing customers to engage with your product. The design of your labels can heavily contribute to the number of sales; when a consumer is attracted to or can resonate with your brand, they are more likely to purchase that product. With this in mind, there are many factors to consider when creating your cosmetic labels.

But first, let’s take a look at the necessities:

Legal Requirements for Cosmetic Labels

When designing your labels, you must ensure that you are adhering to the legal requirements and regulations for human safety. Here is a list of details you should include on your cosmetic labels:

A list of ingredients in order of amount
The amount contained in the product (weight/volume)
The function of the product (if applicable)
Name & address of the manufacturer
Easily visible information, in clear English (if made in the UK) & un-editable
Reference or product batch number
Warnings or special precautions, such as instructions
Period After Opening (PAO) or minimum durability
Once you are aware of the essentials, now comes the fun part… choosing what type of cosmetic label you wish to design!

Once you are aware of the essentials, now comes the fun part… choosing what type of cosmetic label you wish to design!

Types of Cosmetic Labels

Finding the right cosmetic product label to capture your brand’s quality can be a challenge; so we have put together some benefits and uses to highlight the different types of cosmetic labels you can use:

Glossy & Handwritten Labels

If you’re looking for a label with a superb gloss white finish, then our Gloss White Inkjet Labels may be just what you need. Whilst these labels are perfect for inkjet printers, their versatility means that they can also be handwritten with a soft tip pen. With enhanced design features, allowing you to create either a sleek, attractive, modern-looking label or a personal, handwritten, homemade design, you can produce the perfect, complementing label to suit the contents of your cosmetic product.

Professional & Waterproof Labels

A popular choice, our Matt White Polyester Labels are a highly robust material with a strong, permanent adhesive. Their plastic material means that these labels are both water-proof and extremely durable; a great long-lasting option that will stand the test of time. Although matt, these labels provide a satin sheen due to their polyester design, offering a professional, expensive look. For products that customers travel with and take on the go or regularly come in contact with water, these labels are an excellent choice.

Just note that if you are printing on our plastic labels, make sure you are using a laser printer, as anything water-based may cause the ink to run

Biodegradable Natural-looking Labels

Our Biodegradable Labels are an eco-friendly option made from a by-product of the production of sugar cane without the need for silicone. They are permanent, strong labels, white in colour, and made with a premium laid texture. If you’re looking for an environmentally-conscious label to complement your products then these are the labels for you. Our Biodegradable labels make naturally beautiful stickers that enhance the organic features and characteristics of your product.

Eye-catching Metallic Finish Labels

Looking for a high-quality and eye-catching label with a metallic finish? Our Gold & Silver Metallic Labels offer a superior gloss and an extra wow factor to any product. Their decorative metallic design provides an attractive finish that is smooth, bright, and effective at reflecting light. These labels make for an eye-catching design that can be used to highlight special offers or features and put your cosmetic products in the spotlight.

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