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Can you Print on Transparent Labels?

March 30, 2022
Short answer…yes, printing on transparent labels can not only be done but can highlight your brand in an innovative and effective way. By having your design printed exactly as is without the addition of background colour, transparent labels provide the perfect advertisement for brand logos and lots more.

Printing on Transparent Labels

Although less traditional than a white label, printing on transparent labels can certainly be done if you’re familiar with the process and printer/material compatibility. The material and quality of your labels must be high to achieve the best results for your design. You must ensure that the label materials are compatible with the printer type and if you’re looking to print more vibrant colours, then best practice is to buy label paper with a white underprint. This won’t affect the finish, but only enhance the colours and patterns you have chosen.

When printing on transparent labels, you can print any colour or shade including white, allowing you to highlight your brand, information or products distinctively without a background to pull focus.

Uses for Printing on Transparent Labels

There are many uses for printing on transparent labels. Transparent labels give you the flexibility and possibilities to produce the design that you envisioned in full. Some of these uses can include:

Window Stickers

These are great for creating a seamless blend into a glass surface that allows your design to stand out. They are commonly used for promoting logos, visually attractive designs or warning stickers on a window.

Product Labels

Product labels are a very popular choice for using transparent labels as they are perfect for advertising an item in a clear and engaging way with lots of versatility. They can be used effectively to both stand out as the main product label and for adding important information to the back of your packaging without compromising the design.

Striking Text

By printing on transparent labels, you can generate text and titles to appear as though they are floating, adding visual texture and depth to any surface. Your words can look as though they are jumping off the page or floating in mid-air. This allows you to be much more playful with your designs.

Colour Accuracy

When printing on labels, there can sometimes be concerns with the accuracy of colours and how they will appear once printed on opaque material. With transparent labels, you remove this worry and even expand your options with both the shape of the design as well as colours – which can now include white!

Benefits of Printing on Transparent Labels

Whilst we’ve already covered a few of the benefits of printing on transparent labels, it not only offers greater flexibility but is the ultimate choice for producing visually stimulating and unique product packaging. You are free to create your own designs exactly as you want them to be and for lower entry-level costs compared to some traditional printing options. Long durability is also a benefit, with the material providing both waterproof and oil resistance.

Shop Transparent Labels with us!

Our transparent labels are extremely durable and an excellent choice if you know that your label needs to stay put permanently. You can explore our full range of Transparent inkjet labels which can be used in inkjet printers, as well as photocopiers and can be handwritten too. Alternatively, if you are using a laser printer, you will need our Transparent laser labels.

If you are still unsure about which labels are best suited to your needs, then please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to help.