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Eco friendly, Biodegradable & Compostable Labels

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Why Use Our Eco-friendly Labels?

Our eco-friendly labels are ideal for businesses or individuals looking for labels that are kinder to the environment. You can use our eco-friendly labels for a number of purposes, and if you are looking for labels to use on products where the packaging must be entirely biodegradable these ones are ideal. They are also suitable for products where contact with dry foodstuff (either direct or indirect) is required as the seams or edges of our eco-friendly labels can safely come into contact with any foodstuff, making them ideal for food packaging.

In accordance with FDA regulations the adhesive used on these labels is also considered safe to come into direct contact with foodstuff, or can be separated by a functional barrier. Because our labels are entirely biodegradable this means they are perfect for manufacturers looking to use only recyclable materials in their products. To have this claim it is important to follow the regulations exactly as using many different types of materials in packaging can affect the recycling plant’s ability to process it.

How To Print On Biodegradable Labels

Our biodegradable stickers are printed using conventional techniques like most of the other labels in our range. Because of the open and textured nature of the face-material, the optimum results come from printing techniques where maximum conformability of the printing plate is produced, for example where flexo and offset are concerned.

What Are Our Biodegradable Labels Made From?

These labels are created from a matt-white, uncoated, wood-free printing paper which is made from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. These labels are purposefully designed with wine labelling and food packaging in mind, so our customers can rest assured that the entire packaging is biodegradable or the if label might come into contact with dry foodstuff this is not a concern. The basic weight of the label is 90gsm ±5% The thickness of the label is 120 micron ±5% Biodegradable adhesive: S9500 is an acrylic based biodegradable adhesive with good initial tack and adhesion on a wide variety of substrates. Min. App.Temp: +5°C Temp Range: -20°C to +80°C

Shop Our Biodegradable Labels Today!

We are pleased to bring you a great range of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable labels and are sure you will be delighted with your purchase. If you do have any questions about these products, get in touch with our customer service team who can help assess your needs and make sure you make the right purchase.

Biodegradeable Printer Labels (200 x 289mm)

1 Eco Friendly sticky label per A4 sheet (200 x 289mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 2 per sheet (200 x 144mm)

2 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (200 x 144mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 4 per sheet (99 x 139mm)

 4 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (99 x 139mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 6 per sheet (99 x 93mm)

6 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (99 x 93mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 8 per sheet (99 x 68mm)

8 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (99 x 68mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 10 per sheet (99 x 57mm)

10 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (99 x 57mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 12 per sheet(63.5 x 72mm)

12 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (63.5 x 72mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 14 per sheet (99 x 38mm)

14 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet. (99 x 38mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 16 per sheet (99 x 34mm)

16 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (99 x 34mm).


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 18 per sheet (63 x 47mm)

18 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (63 x 47mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 21 per sheet (63 x 38mm)

21 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (63 x 38mm).


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 24 per sheet (63 x 34mm)

24 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet. (63 x 34mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 40 per sheet (46 x 25mm)

40 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (46 x 25mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 65 per sheet (38 x 21mm)

65 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (38 x 21mm)


Biodegradeable Printer Labels 189 per sheet (25 x 10mm)

189 Eco Friendly sticky labels per A4 sheet (25 x 10mm)