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Media Labels

Key Facts

Media Labels Specifications

Materials: Uncoated woodfree paper

Thickness: 56 µ

Adhesive: General use acrylic permanent adhesive

Min. App.Temp: +5ºC

Temp Range: -20 - +80ºC

Materials & Application

We offer a wide selection of media labels, from CDs & DVD labels to Lever Arch Files.

Our media labels with permanent adhesive are very popular. That’s why we ensure we offer these at the lowest possible prices and strive to keep them available for same-day dispatch too.

These blank labels are flexible and versatile, being suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, photocopying, and handwriting.

Our top-quality media labels are available in 100 sheet packs, but 500 sheet packs can also be ordered for a discount in our Made to Order section.

Whether you are using the sheets for your printer, photocopier, or simply want to write on them by hand, our media labels are compatible. We offer a variety of options when it comes to the number of sheets in a pack so you can have total control over the amount you need to order. Our standard sheet pack is a pack of 20, but we also have 100 or 500 sheet packs to consider too.

Great Savings On Media Labels

Our customers are our top priority, so we strive to deliver the best quality labels at fantastic prices across our entire range. Our customers enjoy incredible discounts if they choose to buy their labels through us. By purchasing 5 packs of the same product, you can make some significant savings with a 5% discount, ten packs of the same product will result in 10% off your order, and bulk buying 25 packs means we will knock 20% off the order total.

Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Our media labels are fantastic for many uses and are commonly used by individuals at home as well as businesses, both large and small, to help keep documents organised and easily located.

Some common uses include:

Labelling slides

Our media labels are perfect for keeping slides in order. These small but perfectly formed labels are robust and reliable and can be used for all types of slides to keep them organised - either in the workplace or at home for personal use.

Labelling CDs & DVDs

Keeping CDs and DVDs clearly labels saves so much time and hassle if you have an extensive collection or are making new ones regularly. Our CD and DVDs Labels are cut perfectly to fit over a CD/DVD, giving you the entire surface to add information to. You can choose to print data or write by hand - whichever suits you best.

Organising paperwork for businesses

Our Lever Arch file labels are ideal for businesses that need to keep lots of paperwork handy. It’s easy for poorly organised files and papers to cause significant disruption to a business and mean that critical, sensitive, or valuable information gets lost or moved out of place, costing your business time and money. Our Lever arch files are sturdy and durable, meaning they won’t come unstuck and will keep information easily accessible whenever you need it.


Our Lever Arch and Slides Media stickers also double up well to be used for calendars. They are the perfect size and shape to stick onto calendars keeping busy teams or busy families on track!

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

We keep a large stock of our media labels of all shapes and pack sizes available at our warehouses. This means when you place your order, they should be in stock and ready to be sent out right away. While some label companies only create labels to order, at A4 Labels, we don’t want to keep our customers waiting, and your order could be with you the next working day.

Delivery Costs & Shipment

We don’t like to add hefty delivery charges onto your order at the checkout, so we offer free standard delivery across all requests. So you know you are only paying for the things you purchase. If you need your labels faster, there is a speedier delivery option available for which there is a modest charge.

You’ll find links to detailed delivery information at the bottom of our product pages. So if you need further details on how we'll get your labels to you, take a look.

Shop Our Media Labels Today!

The team at A4 Labels is delighted to bring a wide choice of excellent quality media labels to our customers. It is our ethos to ensure that all customers who do business with us are satisfied with every purchase. So if you have any questions or problems with your order of media labels, or any other products in our range, just contact our customer services team. We’d be delighted to help.

35mm Slides Labels 8400(46x11mm)

35mm slide, white sticky labels


CD/DVD Labels 200(117mm)

CD/DVD Labels


Lever Arch Labels 400 (200x60mm)

Lever Arch File Spine labels


Lever Arch Labels 700 (200 x 40mm)

Lever Arch Labels 700 (200 x 40mm)