Poly Plastic White Waterproof Labels

Technically matte white, these labels have more of a satin effect. These labels are waterproof, however, clients should note that unless covered, anything printed on them may wear in certain environments.

 They are suitable to be used with laser printers, copiers, digital, litho and even handwriting. These labels are available in packs of 100 sheets in our 24 stocked sizes. They can also be made to order in 100’s of other sizes.

Product Specification


Availability  In Stock
Delivery Next Day Delivery Available (23 sizes)
Suitability Laser, Copier, Digital, Litho, Handwriting (with soft tip pen).
Colours Matte White
Sheet Weight 160gsm, which comprises 70-80gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing with about 10-15gsm allowable for the adhesive and silicone.
Adhesive Strong and instant, however full adhesion will require a few hours
Quantities Available in 100 sheets packs in our 24 stocked sizes and can be made to order in 100’s of other sizes.