Make-up and Beauty Labels

Makeup and beauty labels are labels that are specifically designed for cosmetics and personal care products, such as makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance products. These labels can include a range of information about the product, its ingredients, and its use.

According to a report by the NPD Group, the UK prestige beauty industry (which includes premium makeup, skincare, and fragrance products) brought in £2.7 billion in sales in 2020. However, this figure only represents a portion of the overall beauty industry in the UK, as it does not include sales of mass-market or drugstore beauty products. The total size of the UK beauty industry, including both prestige and mass-market products, is difficult to estimate. Still, it is likely to be several billion pounds per year, making this an extremely profitable target industry if marketed well. For this reason, we have outlined a few selections of top-quality labels that are most suitable for your make-up and beauty products. 

If you would like to test any of our quality materials, you can order a sample pack to get a feel of what material or adhesive works best for you:


In the UK, cosmetic products, including makeup, are regulated by the European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. According to this regulation, cosmetic product labels must include the following information:

Product name: The label must include the name of the product.

List of ingredients: The label must list all of the ingredients in the product, in descending order of concentration.

The function of the product: The label must indicate the function of the product, such as “foundation” or “mascara.”

Net quantity: The label must include the net quantity of the product, in metric units (e.g., grams or milliliters).

Batch code: The label must include a batch code or lot number that allows the product to be traced back to its production date and location.

Name and address of the manufacturer: The label must include the name and address of the manufacturer, importer, or distributor of the product.

Country of origin: The label must indicate the country where the product was manufactured.

Precautionary warnings: The label must include any necessary warnings or precautions for use, such as “for external use only” or “keep out of reach of children.”

Expiration date: The label must include the expiration date of the product or the period of time after opening during which the product should be used.

Additionally, any claims made on the label or in advertising for the product must be truthful and not misleading. If a product makes a specific claim, such as “long-lasting” or “waterproof,” the manufacturer must have scientific evidence to support the claim.

Custom-Made Make-up and Beauty Labels

Do you need a custom-sized label to fit your specific beauty products? We have a large collection of non-stocked made-to-order sizes which can be ordered in boxes of 500 sheets. You can have these custom-made in any material too, to ensure your label is exactly the perfect fit for your branding and company image.

It is very simple to order one of our made-to-order sizes, simply head to our custom made-to-order label page, and select your size, labeling material, and quantity. If you cannot see the size you need on our list, give us a call at 0330 111 8484 or email us at, and we can look at getting you a quote for your own personalised cutter which you can use for all future purchases with us.

Alternatively, we have Roll Labels

Roll labels are labels that are supplied in a roll form, with multiple labels printed on a continuous roll of material. Roll labels can be used for a variety of purposes, such as product labeling, barcode labeling, and packaging labeling.

Roll labels can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, polypropylene, and more, depending on the application and intended use of the label.

So why use a roll label? 

  • Branding: Roll labels can help to reinforce your brand identity by featuring your logo, brand colours, and other design elements. This can help to create a consistent look across all of your products and marketing materials.
  • Product Information: Roll labels can also be used to provide important product information, such as the product name, ingredients, usage instructions, and any warnings or precautions. This can be especially important for makeup products, as some ingredients may cause allergic reactions or may not be suitable for certain skin types.
  • Convenience: Roll labels can be applied quickly and easily to your makeup products, which can help to streamline your production process and reduce the amount of time and labor required for labeling.
  • Compliance: In some cases, regulatory agencies may require certain information to be included on makeup product labels. Using a roll label can help to ensure that you are in compliance with any relevant regulations or guidelines.


Custom Printed Make-up and Beauty Labels

Do you need your make-up and beauty labels custom printed? We have a print service available for you to use. All you have to do is select the following options:

1. Shape

2. Print type (either in colour or black only)

3. Material 

4. Quantity

We will have your design printed onto our labels. If you are unsure of lead times, get in contact with one of our helpful staff members via our website live chat and email: Or give us a call on 0330 111 8484.

You can also email your artwork to our above email address if you are having trouble attaching it to your order

Labelling Materials for Make-up and Beauty Products


Waterproof Polyester Labels

Beauty products like lotions, shampoos, and body washes are often used in wet environments such as bathrooms, showers, and swimming pools. Waterproof labels can resist water and moisture, preventing the label from being damaged due to exposure to water. 

Gloss Transparent Polyester Labels

Gloss Transparent labels can create a unique and eye-catching look for beauty products, especially if the product has an interesting color or texture that can be seen through the label. The transparency of the label can make the product look sleek and modern and can help it stand out on store shelves.

Metallic Gold and Silver Labels

Metallic labels can give a high-end, luxurious look to makeup products. The metallic finish can make the product stand out, as well as create an upscale image for the brand. The metallic label can also be customized with different design elements, creating a unique and distinctive label that sets the product apart from competitors.

Brown Kraft Paper Labels

Brown Kraft labels can provide a natural and organic look, environmentally friendly appeal, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ample space for informative labels, making them a good choice for beauty products and make-up labels.

Matt White Paper Labels

Matt white paper labels give a clean and professional look to beauty products, which can be important for brands that want to convey a polished and trustworthy image. These labels are often more cost-effective than other label materials too, making them an affordable option for small businesses or startups.

Premium Paper Labels

Matt white premium paper labels have a luxurious look that can complement high-end make-up products while adding an essence of sophistication to their packaging. These premium paper labels can also provide ample space to include all the necessary information, while still maintaining a high-quality and elegant look.


How to Order

We have our suggested stocked waterproof products, however, if you would prefer something different read through our Label Materials and Made-To-Order section. Once ordered you can use our free templates (if you struggle with templates visit our YouTube channel for tutorials, alternatively we have a Lay-Out Service).

We also offer printing solutions whether you would like these on sheets, or rolls for larger quantities with extra finishing options.