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As we look to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the sustainability within the labelling industry we pledge to donate 1% of all our plastic sales to The Ocean Cleanup Project.

The Ocean Clean Up Project have a very simple mission. Clean the ocean. Their use of advanced technology and research allows them to make the water a cleaner place across the globe.

Being located on the south coast on the UK, it is a charity we are very passionate for and are extremely proud to be able to support.

What They Do…

Ocean Clean

Ocean Cleaning

Cleaning up floating plastics caught swirling in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a plastic accumulation zone with over 100,000,000 kilograms of plastic.


River Interceptors

By tackling 1000 rivers around the world, you can halt 80% of riverine pollution reaching our oceans.

Over 1,000,000kg of Plastic Collected

Our oceans are now over 1,000,000kg lighter of plastic. Click below to see how they are tackling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

World's Most Polluting River Blocked

This river in Guatemala now has the ‘Interceptor Trashfence’ blocking the litter from entering the ocean. 1 hurdle closer to their goal, click below to see the price tag of plastic pollution…

Team of Advanced Researchers

By understanding the sources, transport and fate of plastic in and flowing into the ocean, they can create a foundation onto which they develop their cleanup solutions. Click below for their Interactive Plastic Tracker…

Ocean Plastic Recycled

Plastic collected from the ocean is recycled into products like these cool glasses! View their merchandise below…

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