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Soap Labels & Their Uses

Soap nowadays isn’t just a method of getting clean, it is now a product that is considered high-end and even luxury. One of the main advertisements for this is through product labeling. Many people like to choose products based on the look of the packaging and the characteristics it features, such as overall quality, scent, eco-friendliness or homemade. Choosing your soap labels is a critical process to maximise both brand awareness and engagement with your product. By incorporating your brand’s values and messaging into your labels, you can let your packaging do all the talking for you.

Requirements for your Soap Labels

Although the primary focus of your soap labels is to represent your company and the contents of your product, you must include the legal requirements clearly on your chosen labels.

Different Types of Soap Labels

When designing your soap labels, it’s important to think about the environment you expect your product packaging to be exposed to. Many outside factors can affect your labels, so preparing your label material to suit those needs and stay looking pristine for longer is the first step!

Water-resistant Labels

We have two variations of waterproof labels. Matt white polyester, and transparent polyester labels. These are highly robust with a strong adhesive, splash-resistant, and can be easily wiped down, therefore retaining your design. Depending on your brand and style, you can choose between these two high-quality plastic labels to suit your soap and labeling needs. 

Just note that if you are printing on our plastic labels, make sure you are using a laser printer, as anything water-based may cause the ink to run

Professional-looking Labels

However, not all soap packaging (such as bars of soap) will be kept for the duration of your product. If you’re looking for a label with a glossy sheen and high-shine finish but not necessarily waterproof, then look no further than our Glossy Labels. Our gloss labels are highly professional-looking and versatile, making them a popular choice for soap labels and other cosmetics.

Environmentally-friendly Labels

Had something greener in mind? Suppose you’re looking for your soap labels to reflect the eco-friendly and sustainable values of your brand. In that case, our vegan-friendly Biodegradable labels or Recycled Paper Labels are great choices. With these options, you can ensure that your brand and focus are maintained through your product and in the packaging they are sold. Our eco-friendly labels are the perfect choice for highlighting an important USP and showing that your company is forward-thinking in making a positive environmental impact.

Natural Labels

Soap products can often be made with natural, organic ingredients. In this case, you’ll want your packaging to represent this on the outside too. Our Ribbed Brown Kraft Labels are an excellent choice for exuding a warm, rustic and homemade aesthetic with natural connotations. Their unique, textured appearance offers an authentic and charming design, perfect for adding that finishing touch to a handmade look.

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