Metallic Paper Labels

Choose from a variety of metallic, silver and gold self-adhesive labels. Suitable for laser printers only, photocopying, and handwriting.

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Versatile Address Labels in Various Sizes & Quantities - Your Ultimate Labelling Solution

Looking to add a touch of elegance and glamour? Our metallic self-adhesive labels are here to dazzle! Choose from a stunning selection of gold and silver labels that will make your projects shine. Whether you're organizing paperwork, working on school projects, or adding a decorative element to gifts and cards, these metallic labels with a stylish matte finish are the perfect choice.

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Please note, our metallic labels are suitable for laser printers only.


  • Eye-catching Metallic Finish: Our metallic labels feature a stunning gold or silver finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your projects.
  • Compatibility: These labels are specifically designed for use with laser printers, ensuring high-quality and professional results.
  • Versatile Printing Options: In addition to laser printers, our metallic labels are suitable for lithographic and digital presses, giving you flexibility in choosing the printing method that works best for you.
  • Multiple Applications: Whether you're organizing paperwork, working on school projects, or adding a decorative touch to gifts and cards, our metallic labels are perfect for a wide range of applications.
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness with custom labels that stand out from the competition
  • Improved efficiency and productivity with easy-to-use labels that can be applied quickly and easily

What can I use metallic labels for? 

With their eye-catching metallic finish, our versatile metallic labels find a wide range of applications. Popular uses include product labelling, creating memorable packaging and branding, adding glamour to invitations and cards, enhancing crafts and DIY projects, sprucing up event decorations, personalising gifts, organising files and household items, designing attention-grabbing promotional materials, highlighting awards and certificates, and elevating homemade wines and artisanal products. Explore the boundless possibilities with our metallic labels and add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your projects.

Are metallic labels easy to remove?

Metallic labels generally have a strong adhesive to ensure they stay in place. While they can be removed, they may leave residue or damage the surface they were applied to. It’s recommended to test the label on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to ensure easy removal.

Can metallic labels be written on by hand?

Yes, metallic labels can be written on by hand using suitable permanent markers or pens. However, keep in mind that the metallic surface may affect the legibility of handwriting.

How do I print labels through Word or using PDF?

It’s not as difficult as it might seem! We’ve prepared a range of Word and PDF files that you can download (for free!) and use it to print your own labels. Still having difficulty? Why not try our printer service where we do all of this for you.

Getting Your Order

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Custom Printing

Looking to make your metallic labels unique? Use our digital printing service to add any text or images you want. Visit our digital printing page and we’ll guide you through the process. If you’re having trouble uploading your design, feel free to email it to us.

To make things even easier, we provide free templates for download on our website. Customise your metallic labels with custom text or artwork effortlessly. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of our convenient print service, and we’ll ship personalized labels directly to you.

Your Perfect Size

Looking for custom sizes? No problem! Visit our made-to-order page to request labels tailored to your exact specifications. If we don’t have the cutter you need in stock, there may be a one-off tooling fee. However, the cutter will belong to you permanently for all future orders with us. And if you have any questions or need assistance, our live chatting system on our website is ready to help you with size, material, and any other queries.

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Gold, Silver

Label Size

1 Per Sheet (200 x 289mm), 2 Per Sheet (200 x 144mm), 4 Per Sheet (99 x 139mm), 6 Per Sheet (99 x 93mm), 8 Per Sheet (99 x 68mm), 10 Per Sheet (99 x 57mm), 12 Per Sheet (64 x 72mm), 14 Per Sheet (99 x 38mm), 16 Per Sheet (99 x 34mm), 18 Per Sheet (64 x 47mm), 21 Per Sheet (64 x 38mm), 24 Per Sheet (64 x 34mm), 40 Per Sheet (46 x 25mm), 65 Per Sheet (38 x 21mm), 189 Per Sheet (25 x 10mm), Round 6 Per Sheet (88mm diameter), Round 12 Per Sheet (64mm diameter), Round 15 Per Sheet (51mm diameter), Round 24 Per Sheet (45mm diameter), Round 35 Per Sheet (37mm diameter), Round 48 Per Sheet (30mm diameter), Round 70 Per Sheet (25mm diameter), Round 117 Per Sheet (19mm diameter), Round 216 Per Sheet (13mm diameter)

Pack Size

20 sheets, 100 sheets, 500 sheets