A5 Labels

Key Facts

A5 Labels Specifications:
Materials: Uncoated woodfree paper

Thickness: 56 µ

Adhesive: General use acrylic permanent adhesive

Min. App.Temp: +5ºC

Temp Range: -20 - +80ºC

Materials & Application

Excellent Value A5 Labels

Our A5 labels are affordable and of excellent quality. All of the A5 sheet labels are made to order, so may take an extra 24 hours for them to be dispatched. We supply a wide variety of sizes, with our A5 label range available in 1000 sheet boxes.

Label Usage

What Can A5 Labels Be Used For?

A5 labels are commonly used for:

Labelling Product Information

If you need your customers to know specific information about a product you are selling, for example, robust and long-lasting A5 labels will make it clear and easy for them to read.

Organisation of Documents

A5 labels can be stuck on filing cabinets to indicate their contents, on office drawers, or on printouts of documents themselves to draw attention to different sections of highlight passages of particular importance.

School & Home

A5 labels can be an ideal addition for your home office or to sort documents or items for school. At home, you can use these versatile labels to keep calendars and planners organised, or to label personal items or food bags or jars.

Stock & Delivery

A5 Labels Delivery Costs & Shipment

If you need your labels in a hurry, you can choose our faster delivery service for which there is a small fee. You can read about our delivery information at the end of each product page, and see the detailed explanation of what we can offer, both in the UK and overseas. If you cannot see the size you need we can do bespoke sizes, so please enquire to get a cutter made!​​ If you have any questions about our A5 labels then please get in touch with our customer service team, you can contact us by emailing us at sales@a4labels.com or by calling us on 0330 111 84 84.