Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any queries regarding our products and services, please see our FAQ for Frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can contact us directly at 0330 111 8484, and one of our team members will be available to talk you through your issues Monday-Friday until 4pm. 

Alternatively, we have a live-chatting system to answer FAQs you may have about our labels. Click the box in the corner of our website and a member of our team will be available to assist you. 

How soon can I get my order?

Same-day collection, order by 4pm and choose a next-day courier option, mention free delivery. We are even happy to quote for same-day delivery in the UK if necessary

I’ve ordered the wrong thing – what can I do?

If you item is from stock you are welcome to return in unused within 30 days of purchase for a refund or an exchange. If you item was a made to order item or you ordered 10 or more of the same item, then these cannot be returned as they will have been made just for you.

Do you do different sized sheets than A4?

We sell A5 and SRA3 labels on our website, but we would be happy to give you an estimate for any size sheet. Just contact us with the dimensions.

How to get my invoice?

If you go to ‘Orders’ under ‘My Account’ you will be able to see all previous orders and there is a PDF invoice available to download.

What discounts can I get?

We have quantity discounts of buy 5 receive 5%, buy 10 receive 10%, buy 20 receive 20%, buy 30 receive 30%. As well as this we have a price match promise.

Is my printer suitable?
All of the labels we sell are suitable for printing on Laser Printers with the exception of Inkjet Gloss labels (inkjet only) and our black vinyl labels, which are not designed for printing. Inkjet printers are only suitable for printing on our matt white labels both permanent and peelable, and our regular coloured labels (red, green, blue and yellow). They are not suitable for synthetic or coated material (apart from Inkjet Gloss). Laser printers, especially mono ones (black and white) are now very reasonable and in most cases it will be most cost effective to buy our laser labels and a new printer rather than source some inkjet compatible ones.
I’m using a laser printer, but after printing my labels the toner sits proud of the page or can be brushed off. What is wrong?
You must set your paper input to labels. This will change the temperature and the speed of the fuser which will ensure the toner is correctly fused to the page. Label stickers have a different setting to paper as they contain more moisture and the adhesive.
Sometimes the text prints in the label and sometimes it goes over the edges
When printers feed they can vary by up to 1mm. To avoid this problem we suggest you centralise your artwork or text in the label cell and ensure you allow a 2mm gap between your artwork and the edge of the label cell. You can minimise drift in your printer by using the single sheet feeder wherever possible.
I’ve designed my labels and when I print it says ‘add paper’ even though I have loaded the labels
When you use the built in templates on Word, the default is to use the single sheet feeder (SSF). If you are just printing one or two sheets, then load them into the SSF one at a time and they should print. If you would prefer to use the tray –  go to Margins, Custom Margins, Paper and change the selection from Single Sheet Feeder to Tray 1.
My labels are jamming the printer or not feeding properly
Where possible, we suggest using the Single Sheet Feeder (SSF), although we have done tests and our labels work fine from the tray. However we have not been able to test all models and as printers age, the clutch and other parts that help feed the label may not be operating perfectly.
I’m using your Integrated Labels and they won’t line up
You will most likely be printing these from your browser rather than Word or another program. You need to go to your browsers settings then find print settings and adjust the top and left margins.
I’m using your label templates but none of my text is lining up
How do I get the same thing in every cell quickly?
If you have a page with say 21 labels on it, you will not want to design the label 21 times! To avoid this we recommend that you ignore all the cells apart from the cell in the top left corner, design your label here first and then ‘cell copy’ it into the rest of the page. Select the top left hand cell by positioning your cursor on the left hand vertical border of the cell until it displays a bold diagonal black arrow. When you see the arrow, left click to select and then right click and choose “copy”. The cell is now copied to your clipboard. Move the cursor to the top of a column and when you get a bold, black vertical arrow, left click to select the column, then right click and choose “cell paste”. The contents of your designed cell will copy into all the cells in that column.
How do I remove the guide lines once I have made my Artwork?
Please refer to the PowerPoint Presentation for a step by step guide to removing the borders around each label. Or, watch our video found on our YouTube channel
How do I add text to the cells?
Please refer to the PowerPoint presentation for a step by step guide to add text to labels using a template. If you are adding images, we suggest you first save your image/artwork on your machine and then use the Insert function to add it to the cell. Or if you are still stuck, head to our YouTube channel