Matt Transparent Poly Labels

Choose from a variety of matt transparent, polyester self-adhesive labels. Suitable for laser printers only, photocopying, and handwriting.

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Matt Transparent Poly Labels - Clear, Professional, and Versatile!

Enhance your labelling needs with our range of high-quality Matt Transparent Poly Labels. These self-adhesive labels are perfect for laser printers, photocopying, and handwriting applications. With their transparent finish, they seamlessly blend into any surface while providing excellent visibility for your important information.

Choose the pack size that suits your needs. Our Matt Transparent Poly Labels are available in 20, 100, or 500-sheet packs. Save up to 34% with our 500 sheet box offer,  perfect for larger labelling projects. Order yours today.


  • Strong Permanent Adhesive
  • Laser Printer Compatible
  • Wide Selection, available in a range of sizes, materials and colours
  • Customisable printing options


  • Free Templates: Simplify the customisation process with our free downloadable templates. Personalised service for your labels 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Made from high-quality polyester material, these labels are durable and built to last
  • These labels provide exceptional visibility for your important information. The transparent material allows the underlying surface to show through, ensuring that your labels are clear and easy to read
  • Matt Transparent Poly Labels offer a sleek and professional look, allowing your labels to seamlessly blend into any surface 
  • Specifically designed for laser printers. This ensures sharp and precise printing results, giving your labels a professional and polished look

What printers are compatible with Matt Transparent Poly Labels?

These labels are specifically designed for laser printers only. They are not compatible with inkjet printers.

Can I use Matt Transparent Poly Labels on curved surfaces or containers?

While these labels can conform to some degree of curvature, they are better suited for flat or gently curved surfaces. For highly contoured or irregularly shaped surfaces, it is recommended to choose labels specifically designed for those applications, such as flexible or wrap-around labels.

Can I use Matt Transparent Poly Labels for food or beverage labelling?

A: These labels are not specifically designed for direct food contact or immersion in liquid. However, they can be used for secondary packaging, such as labelling containers or packaging materials. For direct food contact applications, it is advised to use labels specifically approved for food labelling.

Can I remove Matt Transparent Poly Labels without leaving residue?

While these labels have a strong permanent adhesive, they can be removed with care. Depending on the surface and duration of application, some residue may be left behind. It is recommended to test on a small area first and use appropriate adhesive removers if needed.

Can you print custom text or images on Matt Transparent Poly Labels?

Yes, we offer a digital printing service where we can print your desired text or images onto the Matt Transparent Poly Labels. You can find more information and place an order through our digital printing service page.

How do I print labels through Word or using PDF?

It’s not as difficult as it might seem! We’ve prepared a range of Word and PDF files that you can download (for free!) and use it to print your own labels. Still having difficulty? Why not try our printer service where we do all of this for you.

Fast and Convenient Delivery:

We understand the importance of timely delivery. Order before 4 pm Monday-Thursday, and we’ll provide a next-day delivery service. Need your labels over the weekend? No worries, we offer a Saturday delivery service too. For more information, please visit our delivery page.

Digital Printing Services:

If you require custom text or images on your Matt Transparent Labels, take advantage of our digital printing service. Simply visit our digital printing page and follow the easy step-by-step process to place your order. If you encounter any difficulties uploading your artwork, feel free to email it to us directly.

Made to Order:

Looking for a specific label size? Our made-to-order page has you covered! We can create custom-sized labels to meet your exact requirements. If we don’t have the cutter in stock, there may be a one-off tooling fee. However, the cutter will be yours permanently for all future orders with us. Need assistance? Our live chat support is available on our website to answer any questions or help with size, material, and other inquiries.

Stuck? We’re Here To Help

For any questions or queries about our products, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Contact us at 0330 111 8484 or email us directly at

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1 Per Sheet (200 x 289mm), 2 Per Sheet (200 x 144mm), 4 Per Sheet (99 x 139mm), 6 Per Sheet (99 x 93mm), 8 Per Sheet (99 x 68mm), 10 Per Sheet (99 x 57mm), 12 Per Sheet (64 x 72mm), 14 Per Sheet (99 x 38mm), 16 Per Sheet (99 x 34mm), 18 Per Sheet (64 x 47mm), 21 Per Sheet (64 x 38mm), 24 Per Sheet (64 x 34mm), 40 Per Sheet (46 x 25mm), 65 Per Sheet (38 x 21mm), 189 Per Sheet (25 x 10mm), Round 6 Per Sheet (88mm diameter), Round 12 Per Sheet (64mm diameter), Round 15 Per Sheet (51mm diameter), Round 24 Per Sheet (45mm diameter), Round 35 Per Sheet (37mm diameter), Round 48 Per Sheet (30mm diameter), Round 70 Per Sheet (25mm diameter), Round 117 Per Sheet (19mm diameter), Round 216 Per Sheet (13mm diameter)

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20 sheets, 100 sheets, 500 sheets