Transparent Laser Labels

Choose from a variety of laser gloss transparent, polyester self-adhesive labels. Suitable for laser printers only, photocopying, and handwriting.

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Crystal Clear Labelling With Transparent Laser Labels

See straight through to your products with Transparent Laser Labels from A4 Labels. Made in the UK from durable polyester, these see-through labels are specially designed for laser printers. The glossy finish lets vivid colours shine through.

Choose from a variety of convenient sizes suitable for any labelling need. Suitable for laser printers only, photocopying, and handwriting.

Get big savings with A4 Labels and save up to 36% when you order the 500-sheet value box! Buying labels in bulk means bigger savings and plenty of inventory on hand.


  • Completely transparent material
  • For laser printers and presses
  • Permanent adhesive sticks smoothly
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Packs of 20, 100, or 500 sheets

Benefits You'll Love

  • Show-off product contents
  • Maintain a clean, sleek look
  • Print colourful designs and graphics
  • Ideal for glass jars, bottles, windows
  • Apply easily and remove cleanly


  • Bath/beauty products and cosmetics
  • Food jars, sauces, condiments
  • Beverage bottles and drinkware
  • Pharmacy prescription bottles
  • Arts, crafts, and school projects

How transparent are the labels?

Our polyester labels are completely transparent and crystal clear. You’ll be able to see right through the label as if it’s not even there. This allows products like cosmetics or foods to show through beautifully.

Can I print on both sides?

Absolutely! The 100% transparency means you can print customisable designs, text or graphics on both the front and back of the labels. Just be sure your laser printer settings are configured for double-sided printing to print on both sides.

What if I need waterproof labels?

No need to look further! Our transparent laser labels are fully waterproof and smudge-proof. Liquids will simply bead up and roll right off these labels. This makes them ideal for water bottles, bath products, sauces, condiments, and any other wet applications.

How do I ensure clear print results?

For best print quality, set your laser printer to the label mode setting. This ensures the printer runs slower, hotter and with more pressure which stops the toner from running on the page. The toner strongly bonds to the glossy finish for crisp, clear printed designs and text.

How long will printed designs last?

You can expect laser printed graphics, logos and text to remain vibrant without fading for up to 2 years with indoor use. For optimum longevity, avoid directly exposing printed labels to sunlight or UV light which can accelerate fading over time. The toner print is highly durable.

Fast Delivery Right to Your Door

Get your transparent laser labels quickly and conveniently delivered. Place orders before 4pm Monday through to Friday for next working day delivery throughout the UK. Need them even faster? We also offer Saturday delivery at excellent rates for weekend orders. Check our delivery page for all our rapid shipping options to get your labels right when you need them! If your order comes to over £60, your delivery is FREE!

We Print Custom Designs

Want completely bespoke transparent labels printed with your unique artwork or text? Our laser printing service makes it easy! Just upload your files and we’ll expertly print onto transparent stock and ship fast.

Any Size You Need

Don’t see the exact label size or shape you need? No worries, we can help! We have the capability to custom manufacture labels to your precise specifications. Talk to our team and we’ll create custom tooling just for your perfect labels. One-time fees apply but the custom cutter is yours to reuse in the future. Let us know how we can help with made-to-order labels!

Questions? Just Ask!

Still have questions about our transparent laser labels? Want advice on materials, sizes or adhesives? Our friendly team has the answers! Give us a call anytime at 0330 111 8484 or email We love sharing our labelling expertise to help customers find the perfect products!

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Label Size

1 Per Sheet (200 x 289mm), 2 Per Sheet (200 x 144mm), 4 Per Sheet (99 x 139mm), 6 Per Sheet (99 x 93mm), 8 Per Sheet (99 x 68mm), 10 Per Sheet (99 x 57mm), 12 Per Sheet (64 x 72mm), 14 Per Sheet (99 x 38mm), 16 Per Sheet (99 x 34mm), 18 Per Sheet (64 x 47mm), 21 Per Sheet (64 x 38mm), 24 Per Sheet (64 x 34mm), 40 Per Sheet (46 x 25mm), 65 Per Sheet (38 x 21mm), 189 Per Sheet (25 x 10mm), Round 6 Per Sheet (88mm diameter), Round 12 Per Sheet (64mm diameter), Round 15 Per Sheet (51mm diameter), Round 24 Per Sheet (45mm diameter), Round 35 Per Sheet (37mm diameter), Round 48 Per Sheet (30mm diameter), Round 70 Per Sheet (25mm diameter), Round 117 Per Sheet (19mm diameter), Round 216 Per Sheet (13mm diameter)

Pack Size

20 sheets, 100 sheets, 500 sheets