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Made to order sizes are normally dispatched within 2 working days. If your desired material is not listed, please get in touch. We will likely be able to order it in, subject to MOQ’s.


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Rectangle Label Stickers: Rounded Corners

Dimensions .mm# per sheet Word Template PDF Template
150 x 1001P001.docP001.pdf
190 x 2801Q001.docQ001.pdf
200 x 2891*R001.docR001.pdf
200 x 1442*R002.docR002.pdf
100 x 2802D002.docD002.pdf
150 x 1202H002.docH002.pdf
178 x 1142W002.docW002.pdf
150 x 803E003.docE003.pdf
140 x 903R003.docR003.pdf
60 x 2143K003.docK003.pdf
99 x 1394*S004.docS004.pdf
200 x 604**R004.docR004.pdf
180 x 704N004.docN004.pdf
75 x 1114Q004.docQ004.pdf
155 x 704W004.docW004.pdf
150 x 505R005.docR005.pdf
190 x 505D005.docGLD005.pdf
61 x 1116L006.docL006.pdf
99 x 936*S006.docS006.pdf
68 x 1386G006.docG006.pdf
140 x 406K006.docK006.pdf
53 x 1376M006.docM006.pdf
60 x 1306P006.docP006.pdf
93 x 836J006.docJ006.pdf
160 x 357B007.docB007.pdf
200 x 407**M007.docM007.pdf
97 x 698D008.docD008.pdf
99 x 688*S008.docS008.pdf
99 x 5710*R010.docR010.pdf
83 x 5310S010.docS010.pdf
190 x 2011R011.docR011.pdf
63.5 x 7212*S012.docS012.pdf
99 x 3814*R014.docR014.pdf
82 x 3814S014.docS014.pdf
150 x 1814B014.docB014.pdf
99 x 3416*R016.docR016.pdf
99 x 4212W012.docW012.pdf
145 x 1716L016.docL016.pdf
63 x 4718*S018.docS018.pdf
85 x 2518R018.docR018.pdf
70 x 2520B020.docB020.pdf
63 x 3821*S021.docS021.pdf
80 x 2322R022.docR022.pdf
63 x 3424*S024.docS024.pdf
38 x 5425H025.docH025.pdf
85 x 1526R026.doR026.pdf
64 x 3027R027.docR027.pdf
50 x 4028S028.docS028.pdf
35 x 4030S030.docS030.pdf
78 x 1630P030.docP030.pdf
100 x 1330R030.docR030.pdf
49 x 3036S036.doc S036.pdf
90 x 1138R038.docR038.pdf
60 x 1839D039.docD039.pdf
46 x 2640*S040.docS040.pdf
48.5 x 25.444S044.docS044.pdf
41 x 1548T048.docT048.pdf
38 x 2165*S065.docS065.pdf
38 x 980R080.docR080.pdf
46 x 1184**R084.docR084.pdf
22 x 16120S120.docS120.pdf
25 x 10189*R189.docR189.pdf


Rectangle Label Stickers: Square Corners per sheetWord Template CodePDF Template Code
210 x 2971**F001.docF001.PDF
210 x 1492**F002.docF002.pdf
105 x 2972K002.docK002.pdf
210 x 993**F003.docF003.pdf
62 x 2873D003.docD003.pdf
105 x 1494**F004.docF004.pdf
30 x 2206D006.docD006.pdf
105 x 996F006.docF006.pdf
90 x 608K008.docK008.pdf
105 x 748F008.docF008.pdf
105 x 5010F010.docF010.pdf
105 x 4912F012.docF012.pdf
104 x 4314F014.docF014.PDF
80 x 3514T014.docT014.pdf
105 x 3516**F016.docF016.pdf
70 x 3821F021.docF021.pdf
70 x 37.1224F024.docF024.pdf
95 x 2226T026.doc T026.pdf
90 x 2126S026.docxS026.pdf
70 x 3030**F030.docF030.pdf
32.5 x 33.530W030.docW030.pdf
70 x 1636B036.docB036.pdf
45.7 x 21.248F048.pdf



Square Stickers

Dimensions .mm # per sheetWord TemplatePDF Template
140 x 1402E002.docE002.pdf
100 x 1004E004.docE004.pdf
80 x 806E006.docE006.pdf
64 x 6412**M012.docM012.pdf
60 x 6012R012.docR012.pdf
51 x 5115T015.docT015.pdf
40 x 4024P024.docP024.pdf
37 x 3735**R035.docR035.pdf
30 x 3048**E030.docE030.pdf
25 x 2570**S070.docS070.pdf


Round Stickers

Diameter (mm)# per sheetWord TemplatePDF Template
117(40mm cutout)2**CD002.docCD002.pdf


Oval Stickers

Dimensions (mm)# per sheet Word Template PDF Template
95 x 1344**Oval 4.docOval 4.pdf
92 x 766**Oval 6.docOval 6.pdf
55 x 7510**Oval 10.docOval 10.pdf
48 x 7016**Oval 16.docOval 16.pdf
40 x 5020**Oval 20.docOval 20.pdf


Special Shapes

Dimensions (mm)# per sheetWord Template PDF Template
Heart (43 x 43)24**Heart24.docHeart24.pdf
Heart (60 x 66.6)12**Heart12.docHeart12.pdf
Heart (69 x 69)8**Heart8.docHeart8.pdf


*Denotes a stocked cutter which is available in all stocked materials. **Denotes a stocked cutter only available in matt white perm.