A4Labels and Our Mission To Help Our Planet

At A4Labels.com Ltd we are constantly on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint and be a more sustainable business. We are aware that the print and labelling industry goes through a lot of papers and plastic, so if there is a way we can give back to the planet, we will. Whether this is being more resourceful within our warehouse, encouraging zero emission travel, donating money to planet saving charities, we will.

Here you can view what we do to give back to our planet and become a more sustainable business model. By doing this we hope to set an example and lead the way for the industry to improve the way they operate.

        Our Supported Charities

Trees for Cities

One Tree Planted

1% of the non-recyclable or non-sustainable (as determined by FSC®) will be donated to One Tree Planted

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The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Clean Up Project

1% of all plastic sales will be donated to The Ocean Clean Up Project.

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March Tree Donations

Total Tree Donations

March Ocean Clean Up Donations

Total Ocean Clean Up Donations

Trees Planted

Our Eco-Friendly Products

At A4Labels, we are always trying to expand the use of eco-friendly labels. Our top two products are ‘Biodegradable Cane-Fibre’ and ‘Recycled Paper’. These are stocked materials available in 24 different sizes for same day dispatch and can be ordered in as little as 20 sheets at a time.


Bio Labels

Biodegradable Cane Fibre

This product is made of cane-fibre (sugar cane waste) and hemp. Meaning it is completely biodegradable and wood free!

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Recycled Labels

Recycled Paper

This product is recycled made using 100% household waste. This is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to our standard paper labels.

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Our latest additions to the A4 Labels eco-friendly portfolio are ‘Biodegradable Grass Paper’ and ‘Matt Transparent Biodegradable Paper’. These products help us expand our eco range to allow a transparent choice away from using plastic as well as a new easily broken down grass label. These are available in 20, 100 or 500 sheet packs.


You can download spec sheets and extra product information from our Label Materials page.



Grass paper

Biodegradable Grass Paper

If you want the biodegradable components of the cane fibre but want a different colour or texture. Our labels made from grass have a great laid effect.

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Transparent Paper

Matt Transparent Biodegradable Paper

Our transparent option is essentially a self-adhesive tracing paper. It is our only clear paper we offer and is completely biodegradable too!

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Zero Carbon Emmissions Transport

Our Warehouse

Recycling of Boxes

Where possible we reuse the boxes that your labels come in as many times as possible.

Eco-Friendly Tape

Eco-Friendly Tape

We now use eco-friendly tape without plastic and environmentally friendly adhesive.

Eco-Friendly Loose Fill

Eco-Friendly Loose Fill

All our loose fill on SRA3 and Printed Roll orders is 100% plastic free and fully recyclable.

Biodegradable Poly Bags

30% Recycled Bags

We are currently going through the transition to 30% recycled poly bags. Increasing to 50%

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Possibility

We are looking to install solar panels. Decreasing our carbon footprint with renewable energy.

FSC Logo

FSC® Certified

We have been FSC® Certified since March 2023. View our FSC certified products here…

Label Liner: The Tricky Bit…

One issue that the whole labelling industry has is the difficulty of recycling the release liner on the labels. This is the backing sheet that is left over after you have used the labels and usually ends up in the rubbish bin. This can be recycled, however must be taken to a specialist recycling centre which is out the way and time consuming for most organisations and individuals. 

Our current mission we are working on right now is to find a way that we can collect the liner waste from our customers and get it recycled at the correct facility. We are working with local and national specialist recycling facilities as well as courier companies to ensure that this is a possibility for us in the near future.

By doing this we will reduce the amount of liner waste that ends up in landfill, giving you more time to focus on your own day to day jobs while we take care of the recycling!