Recycled Paper Labels

Choose from a variety of matt white recycled paper self-adhesive labels. Suitable for laser and inkjet printers, photocopying, and handwriting.

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Recyclability at Its Core: Embrace Sustainability with Fully Recyclable Labels

At A4Labels, we take pride in offering sustainable solutions that align with your eco-conscious values. Our recycled paper labels are an embodiment of environmental responsibility, comprising a remarkable 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste material. This means that every label you use contributes to reducing the strain on natural resources and minimises landfill waste.

Emphasising our commitment to sustainability, our labels are not only made from recycled materials but are also fully recyclable themselves. Both the paper and adhesive used in these labels can be seamlessly integrated into recycling systems, allowing you to contribute to the circular economy effortlessly. We encourage you to recycle used labels to ensure they have a second life and continue their journey toward environmental stewardship.

When you choose to order our recycled paper labels in a 500 sheet box, you're not just getting premium quality labels; you're also unlocking exceptional savings of up to 57%! We understand the value of providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality you expect. Whether you're a small business, an organisation, or an individual looking for a budget-friendly option, our bulk order discount ensures that you maximise your savings. 


  • Crafted from 100% recycled paper
  • Bright white matte finish
  • Permanent adhesive for instant stick
  • Inkjet and laser printer compatible
  • Packs of 20, 100 or 500 sheets


  • An eco-friendly labelling solution
  • Reduces waste by using recycled materials
  • Crisp results with any home/office printer
  • Customise with your designs, logos and text
  • Smooth application and easy removal
  • Range of pack sizes for any need


  • File folders, media, binders, archives
  • Shipping, mailing, envelopes, packages
  • School supplies, crafts, bake sales
  • Shelving, bins, storage organisation
  • Events, seminars, conferences

What percentage of recycled material do your labels contain?

Our recycled paper labels proudly consist of 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste material. We’re committed to promoting sustainability by utilising materials that minimise environmental impact.

Can I recycle the labels themselves?

Absolutely! Both the paper and adhesive used in our recycled labels are fully recyclable. We encourage you to recycle used labels to contribute to the ongoing cycle of environmental responsibility.

Which printers are best suited for these labels?

Our recycled paper labels are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of printers. Whether you want to opt for an inkjet printer or a reliable laser printer, you can expect excellent results. 

How can I ensure a smooth application of the labels?

Achieving a flawless application is essential for a professional look. To ensure that your recycled paper labels are affixed smoothly, follow these steps:

  • Clean Surface: Start with a clean, dry surface to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Firm Pressure: Apply firm and even pressure across the entire label area. This activates the adhesive and prevents air bubbles or creases.
  • Appropriate Environment: Apply the labels in a controlled environment with moderate temperature and humidity levels. Extreme conditions may impact adhesion.

Need Your Labels Fast? 

We understand the value of time and convenience in your busy schedule. Place your order for recycled labels by 4pm Monday-Thursday, and enjoy the perk of free next day UK delivery. If you require even more flexibility, we offer Saturday shipping options. Explore the full range of delivery choices on our dedicated delivery page.

We Print Custom Designs

Are you seeking to make a unique statement with your labels? Our digital printing service empowers you to effortlessly bring your creative visions to life. Craft custom designs that resonate with your brand and values, all while contributing to sustainable practices.

Need a Custom Size? 

Need recycled labels of a specific size or shape? We’ve got you covered. Our label manufacturing process accommodates any shape or size requirement you have. While there might be a one-time tooling fee for custom sizes, the flexibility and personal touch it adds to your labelling solution are invaluable. Let’s discuss the options that best suit your needs.

We’re Here to Help!

Do you have questions about our recycled labels? Are you unsure of what materials or sizes would work best for you? Reach out to our friendly team anytime at 0330 111 8484 or We love sharing our label expertise and helping customers find the perfect product solutions!

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Label Size

1 Per Sheet (200 x 289mm), 2 Per Sheet (200 x 144mm), 4 Per Sheet (99 x 139mm), 6 Per Sheet (99 x 93mm), 8 Per Sheet (99 x 68mm), 10 Per Sheet (99 x 57mm), 12 Per Sheet (64 x 72mm), 14 Per Sheet (99 x 38mm), 16 Per Sheet (99 x 34mm), 18 Per Sheet (64 x 47mm), 21 Per Sheet (64 x 38mm), 24 Per Sheet (64 x 34mm), 40 Per Sheet (46 x 25mm), 65 Per Sheet (38 x 21mm), 189 Per Sheet (25 x 10mm), Round 6 Per Sheet (88mm diameter), Round 12 Per Sheet (64mm diameter), Round 15 Per Sheet (51mm diameter), Round 24 Per Sheet (45mm diameter), Round 35 Per Sheet (37mm diameter), Round 48 Per Sheet (30mm diameter), Round 70 Per Sheet (25mm diameter), Round 117 Per Sheet (19mm diameter), Round 216 Per Sheet (13mm diameter)

Pack Size

20 sheets, 100 sheets, 500 sheets