Vape Labels

Vape labels are labels that are applied to e-cigarette devices or e-liquid bottles used in vaping. These labels typically contain information about the product, such as the brand name, flavor, nicotine strength, and other relevant information.

Vape labels may also include warning labels about the potential health risks associated with vaping, such as the dangers of nicotine addiction and the risks of lung damage from inhaling e-cigarette aerosol. In some countries, regulations require specific warning labels to be included on vape labels to ensure that consumers are aware of the potential health risks associated with vaping.

The industry of vaping has had tremendous growth over the past decade and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 30% by 2030. With the rise in competition, it is important you stand out from your competitors with a vibrant, attractive, high-quality label.

If you would like to test any of our quality materials, you can order a sample pack to get a feel of what material or adhesive works best for you:


Vape Liquid Bottle Sizing

The standard bottle size of 10ml. However we have labels that suit 5ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml or 100ml. Our mini labels are perfect for all sizes. Need something bespoke? call us 0330 111 8484 or visit our Made to Order section.

Vape Labelling Material

If you are on a budget some opt for the standard paper permanent labels. We would always recommend the white polyester labels. The waterproof material allows for slight spillages of the liquid and is resistant against oils.

Vape Liquid Bottle Design

The growth of the vaping industry is rapidly growing in a more younger audience. this may be the reason for the vibrant, lairy designs. We can print any design providing it is print ready, or we have a design service! Just get in touch.

Vape Labels

Brand name: This should clearly identify the brand of the vape product.

Flavor name: The name of the flavor of the e-liquid should be clearly indicated on the label.

Nicotine strength: The amount of nicotine in the e-liquid should be indicated on the label. In some countries, this may be expressed in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) or as a percentage (%).

Ingredient list: All the ingredients used to make the product must be listed, with the main ingredients listed first.

Net volume or weight: The amount of e-liquid in the bottle or the weight of the device should be clearly indicated, usually in milliliters (ml) or grams (g).

Country of origin: The country of origin of the vape product should be included.

Warning labels: In some countries, specific warning labels are required by law to be included on vape product labels. These may include warnings about the potential health risks associated with vaping or the dangers of nicotine addiction.

Age restriction: Some countries require age restriction warnings on vape product labels to remind consumers that vaping is only intended for adults.

Lot or batch number: This may be included for traceability and quality control purposes.

Nicotine at a concentration of 0.49% or over is considered harmful and toxic at 1.7%. At all concentrations “This product contains nicotine” is required, a warning symbol is required above 3mg per ml, and above 6mg per ml, a danger symbol is required.

Custom-Made Vape Labels

Do you need a custom-sized label to fit your specific vape products? We have a large collection of non-stocked made-to-order sizes which can be ordered in boxes of 500 sheets. You can have these custom-made in any material too, to ensure your label is exactly the perfect fit for your branding and company image.

It is very simple to order one of our made-to-order sizes, simply head to our custom-made-to-order label page, and select your size, labeling material, and quantity. If you cannot see the size you need on our list, give us a call at 03301118484, or email us at, and we can look at getting you a quote for your own personalised cutter which you can use for all future purchases with us

Alternatively, we have Roll Labels

Roll labels are labels that are supplied in a roll form, with multiple labels printed on a continuous roll of material. Roll labels can be used for a variety of purposes, such as product labeling, barcode labeling, and packaging labeling.

Roll labels can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, polypropylene, and more, depending on the application and intended use of the label.

So why use a roll label? 

  • Customisation: Roll labels can be produced in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing for a high level of customization. This is particularly important for vape products that may have unique branding and label designs that they want to incorporate into their products.
  • Regulatory compliance: Roll labels can include all the regulatory information required by law, such as nicotine warnings, ingredient lists, and health and safety information. This is especially important for vape products as there are often strict regulations around labeling and advertising in the industry.
  • Cost-effective: Roll labels are typically more cost-effective than other labeling methods, especially for larger quantities of labels. This can be particularly advantageous for vape companies that produce large quantities of products.
  • Durability: Roll labels can be made with durable materials and adhesives, making them resistant to moisture, heat, and other environmental factors that can affect the quality of the label. This is particularly important for vape products that may be exposed to harsh environments during transportation and storage.
  • Easy to apply: Roll labels are designed to be easy to apply, especially when using a label dispenser. This can help to save time and increase efficiency in the labeling process, which is particularly important in high-volume vape production operations.
  • Branding: Roll labels can help to enhance the branding of a vape product. The labels can be printed with custom designs and branding to help distinguish the product from competitors and create a memorable visual identity.
  • Consistency: Roll labels can ensure consistency in label design across all vape products, helping to maintain a cohesive brand image and prevent confusion among consumers.


    Custom Printed Vape Labels

    Do you need your vape labels custom printed? We have a print service available for you to use. All you have to do is select the following options:

    1. Shape

    2. Print type (either in colour or black only)

    3. Material 

    4. Quantity

    We will have your design printed onto our labels. If you are unsure of lead times, get in contact with one of our helpful staff members via our website live chat and email: Or give us a call on 0330 111 8484.

    You can also email your artwork to our above email address if you are having trouble attaching it to your order. 

    Labelling Materials for Vape Products


    Waterproof Polyester Labels

    Waterproof labels are good for vape products because they offer a high level of durability and resistance to moisture and water damage. Vape products, including e-cigarette devices and e-liquid bottles, may be exposed to moisture or water during use, storage, or transportation. If the label on the product is not waterproof, it may become damaged, discolored, or peel off over time, making it difficult or impossible to read.

    In addition, vape products may be used in a variety of environments and conditions, such as outdoors, in humid environments, or near water sources. Waterproof labels can help ensure that the information on the label remains legible and intact, even in these harsh conditions.

    Transparent Gloss Polyester Labels

    Transparent labels are good for vape products because they allow the information printed on the label to be easily seen through the label material, while still providing a protective layer to the product. This makes them an ideal choice for products that have intricate designs or graphics that need to be visible on the label.

    In the case of vape products, transparent labels can help showcase the product design, colour, and branding while still providing important product information, such as ingredients, nicotine strength, and warnings. This can be especially important for e-liquid bottles, which may come in a variety of colors and flavors.

    Matt White Paper Labels

    While paper labels may not be as durable or resistant to moisture and other environmental factors as other materials, they can still be a good option for certain vape products, such as packaging for e-liquid bottles that may not be subjected to as much wear and tear as the device itself. Additionally, using a matt finish can help provide a professional and sleek look to the product packaging.

    Metallic Silver and Gold Labels

    Metallic labels can add a high-end and premium feel to the product packaging, which can be especially important for vape products that are marketed towards a luxury or upscale audience. They can also help the product stand out on shelves among other competing products.

    How to Order

    We have our suggested stocked waterproof products, however, if you would prefer something different read through our Label Materials and Made-To-Order section. Once ordered you can use our free templates (if you struggle with templates visit our YouTube channel for tutorials, alternatively we have a Lay-Out Service).

    We also offer printing solutions whether you would like these on sheets, or rolls for larger quantities with extra finishing options.