Corrosive CLP Labels

Pre-printed Corrosive CLP Warning labels. Available in 3 round sizes, in either a Matt White Paper or Matt White Polyester material. Choose your material, label size, and number of sheets from the options below.

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Corrosive CLP warning labels are great for ensuring safety in the workplace. These Class 8 labels are designed to warn nearby civilians of corrosive substances that will cause severe damage by chemical action with they come into contact with people or other materials. These contacts could be with your skin, eyes, respiratory tract, or narcotics. Gas stored under pressure such as ammonia or liquid nitrogen could be examples where these labels would be displayed.

We can have these stickers pre-printed and ready for same-day dispatch, supplied as either a Matt white paper permanent label, or polyester label, great if your product is likely to come into contact with wet environments.

Our Corrosive CLP labels are available in 3 round sizes for you to choose from, giving you breathing room for individual products, which we can supply in as little as 5 sheets, so you can ensure you are getting the most out of your money. Explore our range of CLP warning labels, we can supply Flammable labels, Toxic labels, Explosive labels and more from our shop.

If you would like to find out more about GB CLP Regulations for labeling and packing, information can be found on the official Government Website.

  • Available in 37mm, 45mm and 30mm circles
  • Delivery: 2 Day dispatch if labels are ordered before 4pm weekdays!