Recycled Paper Labels

Our recycled paper labels are matt white with a permanent adhesive and are suitable for laser or inkjet printing as well as lithographic and digital presses. We also stock these labels in a range of other materials. Choose from biodegradablewaterproof, and freezer labels. All of our products are in stock and available for same-day dispatch.

Free templates are available for download on our free templates page for all our products. You can use these to print custom text or artwork onto our recycled paper labels. Or alternatively, you can purchase from our print service and we will ship these personalised labels for you

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Key Facts

Recycled Labels Specifications:
Materials: Recycled Paper

Substance: 70 g/m²

Thickness: 91μm

Whiteness: 150%

Adhesive: General use permanent adhesive

Suitability: Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, offset and flexography

Free templates are available for download on our free templates page for all our products. You can use these to print custom text or artwork onto our recycled paper labels. Or alternatively, you can purchase from our print service and we will ship these pre-printed for you.

Materials & Application

What Are Our Recycled Labels Made From?

Our range is eco-friendly as they are made from 100% recycled household waste. These labels are perfect for companies or individuals looking to help tackle environmental issues, so why not buy our guilt-free paper labels!

Materials and Application

Recycled paper labels are a sustainable labeling solution made from recycled materials. Here is a summary of what recycled paper labels can be applied to:

Product packaging: Recycled paper labels can be applied to a variety of product packaging, including boxes, bags, and containers. They can be used to provide product information, branding, and labeling.

Food and beverage products: Recycled paper labels are suitable for use on food and beverage products, as they are safe for direct contact with food and comply with food packaging regulations. They can be used to provide nutritional information, ingredients, and branding.

Shipping and mailing: Recycled paper labels can be used for shipping and mailing, including address labels and shipping labels. They can be printed with barcodes, tracking information, and other important details.

Promotional materials: Recycled paper labels can be used for promotional materials, such as stickers, event badges, and product labels. They can be customised with branding, logos, and other graphics to promote a business or event.

Office supplies: Recycled paper labels can be used for organising and labeling files, folders, and other office supplies. They can be printed with custom text, numbers, or barcodes to help keep track of important information.

Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Environmentally friendly products are growing rapidly due to the increasing awareness of the current environmental issues. Our recyclable label products can be used for a variety of uses and purposes including eco-friendly products, packaging, commercial use and office use. Find out more below.

Eco-friendly products

Our paper labels provide the perfect opportunity for businesses who sell eco-friendly products to choose a more sustainable packaging option. Our labels are fully versatile for any product including boxes, bottles and jars. Make sure your brand and focus is maintained not only through the product you sell, but through the packaging it is sold in.

B-Corp Companies

Companies who are conscious of their corporate and social responsibilities are using environmentally friendly packaging and labelling. These labels are commonly used by our customers for corporate events, labelling for important documentation and business labels.

Changing to our eco-friendly and recycled labels can not only help reduce the impact on the environment but it can show that your company is forward thinking and aware of your responsibilities to the environment.

Recycled Packaging

Our labels are perfect for recyclable and sustainable packaging. Keep the look, tone and feel of your packaging the same by switching to our eco-friendly label option. These labels are perfect for boxes, envelopes and jars.

Office Use

Organise your work and office space by using our recycled paper labels. These labels can be used to help your store important documents, folders and supplies neatly and in an organised fashion.

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

Rather than being made to order, these labels are available to purchase instantly through our website and could be with you the next working day. These labels are in stock and ready to be shipped, so why not purchase today?

Delivery Costs & Shipment

For full details on delivery options, visit our delivery page where you can find all the relevant information on the cost of shipment. We do offer free shipping, but if you’d like your labels a little faster, we offer expedited shipping for a small fee.

Product Availability

These stocked sizes are readily available across all of our materials, and can be purchased for next day dispatch if ordered before 4pm Monday-Thursday. Made to order items are dependent on quantity.

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Our eco labels are a great new product in our range and can help to make your company or office more sustainable, so browse our various sizes and quantities today and buy with confidence! Have any questions on this range of label? Why not contact our friendly sales team by phone or email.

We stock both rectangle and round sustainable labels.