Since the beginning of 2023, here at A4labels we have committed ourselves to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly as a whole. From the start of February, we pledged our support to two incredible charities: One Tree Planted and The Ocean Clean-Up Project.

This month our One Tree Planted donation will be in Colombia! Where we have  donated £76, planting 97 trees!

Colombia encompasses an unbelievably diverse terrain; the magnificent Andean mountains; lush rainforests; immense plains; beautiful Caribbean and Pacific Coastlines; and also a section of the Amazon rainforest. Colombia’s abundant biodiversity enables its varied ecosystems to support many different species of plant and animal alike.

With our support, One Tree Planted can continue their efforts to plant trees which are native to areas devasted by mass deforestation, such as: Algarroba, Chanó, Carrá, Milkman, Caimito, Guino, Cedar, and many others, which has been caused by logging and mining; therefore helping these areas to recover ecologically. Planting these new trees into areas that have been cleared will balance the ecosystem by providing food sources and habitats which will protect over 2,000 species of plant and animal, over 100 hectares of tropical forest.

Furthermore, reforestation benefits the mitigation of climate change as trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during photosynthesis – combating soil erosion, regulating local climate patterns and improving the water quality of surrounding watersheds; thus restoring the habitats of fish and amphibious creatures alike. One Tree Planted project in Colombia will sequestrate 15,000 tons carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This project will also benefit the human populace by enabling local communities to earn a living sustainably, mainly by increasing ecotourism as reforestation continues as visitors are attracted to the wonders which rainforests provide.

Colombia Donation Certificate

The Ocean Cleanup

With our on-going support, this month we were able to donate £50 to clean our oceans!

The Ocean Clean-Up Project continues to patrol many different water ways using their innovative tools to remove tonnes of waste. Using their System 003, The Ocean Clean-Up Project saw it’s largest single extraction of 11,353kg of plastic during August.

To give the readers of our monthly blogs a small insight into the dedication and the vastness of this operation, I’ll briefly relay the good work currently being carried out in the North Pacific Ocean. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest offshore plastic accumulation zone in comparison to the rest of the world’s oceans, located between Hawaii and California, covering an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometres.

So far, with their System 002, they have removed 282,787 kg of waste in total covering 8,352 km squared. The removed waste is brought to shore to be recycled. This is only the beginning, a transition to an even more innovative design (System 003) has begun and a scale up to a whole fleet is in the works.

What the below video to take a deeper dive into the changes happening at The Ocean Cleanup