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Coloured Labels

Choose from Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. These paper labels have a permanent adhesive. Suitable for laser or inkjet printing as well as lithographic and digital presses. In stock and available for same day dispatch. See our stocked round labels on page 2.

Key Facts
Colourful Labels Specifications:
Materials: Craft backing, adhesive and silicone

Basic Weight: 150gsm, comprising 60-70gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing and 10-15gsm for the adhesive and silicone

Adhesive: Strong and instant

Colour Codes (CMYK): Yellow: 109 (0 20 88 -2), Green: 409 (48 0 53 24), Blue: 306 (55 10 0 7), Red: 209 (0 66 72 7)
Materials & Application
Here at A4 Labels, we are pleased to offer a number of coloured a4 labels with permanent adhesive in red, blue, green or yellow. Our bright coloured labels are ideal for a number of purposes and can be used for anything from labelling food jars to creating filing systems, and we also offer round coloured labels, too.

What Are Our Coloured Labels Made From
Our coloured labels are printed on a coated woodfree paper, made with a 60-70gsm face, a 60-70gsm craft backing and a permanent adhesive which is strong and instant (although full adhesive may take longer).
Label Usage
What uses do these labels have?
Our coloured labels have a number of uses in homes and businesses, including (but not limited to!):

Colour Coding (Filing Systems)
Using our labels for colour coding can be a simple and useful way to group documents, items and food for easy classification and identification. For companies, this can be used in a number of different ways, from colour coding projects to separating HR documents. They could also be used for customers who are self-employed and need to separate their invoices, receipts and other important documents.

Arts & Crafts
These labels can also be used for arts and crafts purposes! They come in vibrant colours which are great for any home project. You can use them in various creative ways and make your arts and crafts project really pop!

Food & Drinks (Stock) Containers
If you need a more colourful and eye-catching way to mark your stock, then these labels are perfect for just that! Your business can use these labels to track your stock, whether that be for a local shop, supermarket or restaurant. It’s important to track stock for use-by dates, sales, and potentially for allergy information. Ensure you make this information as prominent as possible with our colourful labels!

Stickers & Notes
These labels can also be used as standard stickers for notes and reminders, whether that be for home use or for use in the office. Sometimes a friend, family or client will call you, and there’s a need to note down a number or important bit of information (and really make it stand out!), and these labels are great for that purpose.

Product Information & Pricing
And finally, they can be used for general information about products, whether that’s the colour, size or materials, and also printing barcodes for easy scanning at checkout. They’ll really stand out!
Stock & Delivery
Stock & Availability
We have a range of sizes available, with our customers able to choose from one label per sheet up to 189 labels per sheet, with a number of options in between. We also offer a variety of pack sizes, our standard pack being 20 a4 sheets, we also offer 100 and 500 pack sheets to provide convenience and value to our customers.

To provide even greater value for money, customers can take advantage of our excellent discounts, where savings can be made if customers purchase multiple packs of the same label type. For 5 packs we will offer a 5% discount, 10 packs a 10% discount, 20 packs for a 20% discount, and 30 packs for a 30% discount.

Delivery Costs & Shipment
All orders made on our site include free second class post, but customers can choose to upgrade this to receive their order if they should need it sooner. Also, as long as orders are placed before 4pm (GMT), they will be shipped out the same day.

For full information on our delivery fees and other details, visit our Delivery page, or you can read about this on all of our product pages.

Shop Our Colourful Labels Today!
We think our customers will be delighted with the range of colours and sizes available in our coloured labels range. If you have any advice or have any questions that we can answer to help you make a more informed and confident choice, give our customer services team a call.