White Polyester Labels

Our matt white permanent polyester labels have a slight sheen to them (as made from plastic rather than paper) and are also waterproof. They also have a very strong adhesive. Suitable for laser printers as well as lithographic and digital presses. We stock a variety of labels in other materials, so you can choose from recycled paperbiodegradable, and freezer labels. All of our other labels are In stock and available for same-day dispatch.

Free templates are available for download on our free templates page for all our products. You can use these to print custom text or artwork onto our matt white polyester permanent labels. We can also create custom labels that are cut to your design and can be used for company brand stickers, retail labels, and food and drink labels.

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Key Facts

Waterproof Labels Specifications:
Materials: White, matt coated, heat stabilised polyester film

Sheet Weight: 160gsm, which comprises 70-80gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing with about 10-15gsm allowable for the adhesive and silicone.

Thickness: 70-80gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing

Adhesive: Strong and Instant (10-15gsm)

Storage Temp: 2 years if stored at room temperature (+20°C)

Free templates are available for download on our free templates page for all our products. You can use these to print custom text or artwork onto our matt white waterproof labels. Or alternatively, you can purchase from our print service and we will ship these pre-printed for you.

Materials & Application

What Are Our Waterproof Labels Made From?

Our waterproof labels are made of a matt white polyester film with a permanent adhesive that is strong and waterproof. Although technically a matt finish, it is important to note that these labels do have a sheen due to the plastic compound.

These labels are an ideal choice if using on items that may be in contact with water, and their durability and longevity means we are sure you will be delighted with your purchase. These labels are suitable for laser printers, as well as photocopying and can simply be hand written on too.

Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Our waterproof labels have a number of different uses, especially for those who need reliable labels that won’t disintegrate when coming into contact with water. Some of the most common uses include:

Drinks Labelling

These labels are suitable for drinks labelling, as they are able to come into contact with water. They are splash proof, and can be wiped dry, but may become damaged if constantly submerged underwater. As with any paper label product, they can become damaged but are long-lasting if used correctly.

Food Storage

Our waterproof labels can also be used for food storage. Tupperware containers need to be cleaned routinely to stay hygienic, and so a label that can be made wet and still remain adhered to a surface is needed. Our waterproof labels can be wiped dry, but as stated above, shouldn’t be scrubbed vigorously underwater as it can then be damaged.

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

We want to make sure that all our customers receive the best value for money, and that’s why we are proud to provide such an extensive range in terms of our sizing and pack varieties too. You can choose your waterproof labels to just have one label per sheet, up to 189 labels per sheet, and a number of different options in between. So whatever size of label you need, we have got you covered.

We offer pack sizes of 20 sheets, 100 sheets and 500 sheets. We do have some great discounts if you are looking to bulk buy your labels too. Purchasing 5 packs of the same label type means you’ll get a 5% discount, where buying 10 packs of the same label type gives you a 10% discount, if you choose to buy 20 packs, you get a 20% discount, and 30 products, a 30% discount, making sure you save money while still receiving high-quality labels and excellent customer service.

Most of our labels are in stock and available for same-day shipping. We also offer a number of made to order labels, which can be created in lots of different types, quantities and sizes.

Delivery Costs & Shipment

We know how frustrating it is to decide on a purchase, only to be hit with a great big delivery charge when you try to check out. Our standard delivery starts at £1.99 for 20 sheets (free over £50). But if you do need your labels in a hurry, however, we’ve got a paying option for that too - leaving you in complete control with no hidden nasty costs to surprise you.

Product Availability

These stocked sizes are readily available across all of our materials, and can be purchased for next day dispatch if ordered before 4pm Monday-Thursday. Made to order items are dependent on quantity.

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