December bring an end to our first year of planting trees and cleaning plastic out of the ocean. A total of £655 has been donated to The Ocean Cleanup Project and we have planted 1115 trees in total. This month, the country chosen by our customers was Thailand.

December is always a quieter month for us, and this is reflected in our donation amounts. Regardless, we are still very pleased to be able to donate £58 to One Tree Planted, which will enable them to plant 73 trees; and £38 to The Ocean Cleanup which will be used to fund various projects, as they continue to rid our Oceans of waste.

About Thailand

Aprroximately 38% of Thailand’s land mass is covered in forest, and it is home to over 10% of the world’s animals including more than 285 species of mammal, including the iconic Sun Bear. In excess of 15% of these animals are endangered.

With our donations, we will be able to contrtibute towards the development of income opporunities for poverty stricken communities, via jobs directly created through reforestation such as: planting, maintenance and forest consevation.

Furthermore, we are helping One Tree Planted conserve and protect endagered species of animal which call the forest of Thailand home, and also by planting trees we can help restore our planet’s environment as they stabilise carbon and water cycles.

Thailand’s landscapes have been degraded due to unsustainable agricultural practices for decades. By employing the practice of agroforestry, One Tree Planted plant fruit-bearing tress alongside native tree species to help restore soil, support watersheds and create economic opporunties for locals. One Tree Planted will work with 1,139 farmers to plant more than 375,000 trees in the Nam Kohk, Hoi Lui and Mae Na Wong.

We will also be planting appropriate species that have an economic value when sustainably harvested. Some of these species include Coffea arabica (coffee), Citrus sinensis (orange), Dimocarpus longan (longan), Litchi sinensis (lychee), Mangifera indica (mango), and Artocarpus heterophyllis (jackfruit).


The Ocean Cleanup

Over the course of 2023, The Ocean Cleanup has removed 8,000,000kg of waste from the World’s Oceans. We are incredibly proud to have been able to donate £655 since we started our charitable journey in February.

December was a great finale for The Ocean Cleanup as their ‘Interceptor 002’ in Malaysia’s River Klang collected 2,000,000kg of rubbish. Boyan Slat and his team were also able to deploy ‘Interceptor 013’ & ‘Interceptor 014’ in Jamaica. This brings a total of 7 Interceptors within Kingstons gullies stopping plastic reaching the Caribbean Sea.

Please watch the 2023 round up video below and see exactly what you are contributing towards.