A shorter month makes it harder to reach those higher donation amounts. However, we were able to plant 86 trees in Ontario. We were also able to donate £65 to The Ocean Clean Up Project. We are really pleased on being able to achieve this and officially be supporting these charities for over a year now.

A big thank you to our customers who continually allow us to donate to charities, and to those who voted for this month’s country.


About Ontario


Ontario is a part of Canada which has lost forest coverage in large areas, mainly due to land degredation and natural disasters. We are proud to be able to contribute to the rejuvenation of Ontario’s beautiful and diverse forests. From the northern lowlands around Hudson Bay, to the Boreal forest and the decidious forests in the south. All of these areas will be reforested by One Tree Planted, the charity we donate to.

Reforestation in Ontario will greatly benefit communities, biodiversity, and the environment. Planting trees will restore critical watersheds, rebuild important wildlife habitats, and will ultimately combat climate change and global warming. By restoring forests in Ontario, healthy ecosystems will support healthy communities. Mental and physical well-being are intrinsically interconnected with the health of our natural environment. With each tree planted in Ontario, the health of communities is improved.

With more than 60% forest coverage, Ontario’s forests account for about 17% of Canada’s forest coverage. This amounts to about 71 million hectares, an area the size of Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands combined.

All of these regions hold their own unique biodiversity, but some of the wildlife that can be found in Ontario forests includes polar bears, woodland caribou, barred owl, black bear, and even flying squirrels!

The Ocean Cleanup


Over the course of February, The Ocean Cleanup Project have continued their vital work all over the globe. Their Interceptors patrol various different rivers around the world and extract the rubbish from them, so that it doesn’t flow into the Oceans. Their other machines patrol specific rubbish patches in the Oceans themselves, cleaning up a percentage of the waste there day by day.

In Rio Motagua, Guatemala they have intercepted 3,875,000 kg of rubbish to date, with operations planned to be expanded.

The Kingston Harbour Project in Jamaica, which first started in February 2022 is still going strong. TOCP have deployed 7 Interceptors to barricade the gullies that funnel waste into the harbour, therefore intercepting the waste before it reaches the harbour.

The newest System 03 (first deployed July 2022) is still at work removing waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It has removed 346,491 kg so far. Here is a look at what it is like for the Ocean Cleanup Staff to work on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.