Every month, a percentage of our non FSC paper label sales is donated to One Tree Planted – planting trees around the globe. Also, a percentage of our plastic labels sales is donated to The Ocean Cleanup Project.

 This month we were able to donate enough money to One Tree Planted in order to plant 82 trees in Mexico. Every month, our customers are able to choose which country we contribute to, so a big thank you as usual to those of you who voted! 

Furthermore, we were able to donate £70 to The Ocean Cleanup project. Our donation will fund the many projects they have around the world, all working towards making our Oceans cleaner.



About Mexico 

Deserts in the North, vast mountains in the centre and lush rainforests in the South and East – Mexico is a country of different biomes, each like a different world in comparison with each other. As with most other South American countries, Mexico’s different biomes are host to many flora and fauna, which are vital to biodiversity.

Reforestation is greatly needed in order to reguvinate ecosystems which are perishing from plant cover. This loss of plant cover is causing many serious issues, such as: fires, decreased biodiversity, droughts, erosion, soil degredation and air pollution. Our donations will be contributing to One Tree Planted’s efforts to introduce more trees, combating these issues.


How will our donations be used?

One Tree Planted will only plant native tree species, including: Michoacan Pine, red mangrove, Pseudostrobus Pine and mesquite.

Through the implementation of reforestation, this project will stabilize the climate, support and protect biodiversity, increase nutrients in the soil, clean the air and water and much more.

Furthermore, reforestation will regenerate and create new habitats for Mexico’s varied wildlife, promoting biodiversity throught the different ecosystems. 

Restoration will continue not only on private land, but on public land as well. This will provide the indigenous population opportunities as they will be at the centre of restoration, taking care of the land and preserving it for later generations.

Regarding the protection of soil: planting trees slows erosion as they keep the soil in place, therefore preventing natural disasters and preserving the landscape. This due to landslides being of high risk in the area, especially when trees are in decline and aren’t there to provide stability to the soil.

The Ocean Cleanup

 The Ocean Cleanup is a non- profit organisation, founded in 2013 by a Dutch inventor named Boyan Slat. They are dedicated to combating the millions of tons that enter the oceans anually – developing technologies to efficiently stem the flow of plastic waste entering the oceans (typically via rivers). The following list is of some of The Ocean Cleanup’s activities throughout April.

Interceptor 001’s fith year of operations in Indonesia (Cengkareng Drain, Jakarta), with a total catch of 370,000 kg of rubbish.

Interceptor 006, stationed in Guatemala, is already preventing rubbish from flowing into the Caribbean Sea from the Rio Las Vacas. Stopped 272 truckloads of rubbish (1.4 million kg) in one evening, their largest ever catch!

Milestone: over 10,000,000 kg of rubbish removed from oceans and rivers altogether so far.