Pallet Labels

When it comes to pallet labels, a larger label is what you’re looking for. Below we offer a variety of large self-adhesive labels with a strong permanent adhesive to last the duration of its travels. It is the type of shipping label that needs a large surface area so the address is easily visible for the company delivering your products.

We would suggest just a standard paper label shown below. It is more cost efficient and does the job. However some may opt for a waterproof option which are weather resistant and more durable. The poly labels are only suitable for laser printers and are available below under the standard paper suggestions.

Key Facts

All of these labels have a permanent adhesive which is suitable for long distance pallet travel. Large enough to have a bold address visible for the delivery company.

Materials & Application

Both the paper and waterproof options can cope with cooler temperatures and warmer temperatures. The white poly waterproof ones are more weather resistant, this may be a suitable option if the pallet is likely to be left outside for long period of time.

Label Usage
Stock & Delivery

All of these sizes are stocked on the shelf and ready to go! If you order before 4pm, we promise to dispatch that very same day, Next day services are available as well as timed deliveries. Free delivery on orders over £60