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Transparent Laser Labels

Key Facts

Rectangle Labels Specifications

Materials: Transparent, gloss coated heat stabalised polyester film

Storage: 2 Years

Materials & Application

Excellent-quality transparent labels at the best prices

Transparent laser labels with a permanent adhesive are made from a clear polyester material so they are durable and waterproof, making them ideal if you are looking for a label that will stay put even if in contact with water. Please note that ff you are using an Inkjet printer, you will need our Transparent inkjet labels to make sure they are compatible. These labels are suitable for laser printers, as well as photocopying and handwriting.

We are pleased to offer not only a range of great sizes (anything from one label per sheet up to 189 labels per sheet) but also offer different pack sizes too. That means you can make sure that you are in control of your order, and get the right label size and amount for your needs.

A great variety of transparent laser labels to choose from

We are sure our customers will be delighted with the range of sizes that we offer, and hope by doing so that whatever your labelling needs, we can meet them with ease. We have pack sizes of 20 sheets, 100 sheets, and 500 sheets, and we offer fantastic savings if you bulk buy too!

Purchase five packs of the same label type to enjoy 5% off your order, buy ten packs of the same label type, and that rises to 10%, and if you buy 25 packs, then you’ll receive a significant 20% saving off your order.

Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Our transparent laser labels come in handy in many different scenarios, be that office organisation, home organisation or even for arts and crafts purposes too.

Product Labelling

The transparent labels we offer are of exceptional quality and are used in businesses for product labelling. Transparent labels are a particularly popular choice as you don’t have to worry about trying to get an exact colour match to the product, instead, you can simply print the information required onto your transparent label, and then stick it toy the product and it will match exactly.


Adding information to packaging is the most typical use for transparent laser labels as they can be added to a product after it has been packed. This also means that one package can be used for many different products, and the label information can clearly state the contents and any other relevant information, thus reducing any confusion. Transparent labels mean that you can add text or an image to any product, jar, file, or item, and the original colour and texture will show through.

Window stickers

Because of their transparent nature, many people also like to use them to add information to windows or glass doors while letting it blend seamlessly in. This can be good for things such as business logos on windows, for example.

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

We keep a large stock of transparent laser labels so that once you have completed the checkout process, we’ll know to start packing and shipping your order right away. While some companies prefer to cut labels to order, this can add to the waiting time, and we understand how important it is to get your labels to you as soon as possible.

Delivery Costs & Shipment

You can find our delivery information on each product page, with full explanations of what we can offer both in the UK and overseas.

Shop Our Range of Labels Today!

We are here to ensure that you are delighted with your purchase. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team if you have any questions about our transparent laser labels or any of the other product ranges we offer. We’d love to hear from you!

Transparent Gloss Labels (200 x 289mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 1 Label per sheet (200 x 289mm)


Transparent Gloss (200 x 144mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 2 Labels per sheet (200 x 144mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 139mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 4 Labels per sheet (99 x 139mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 93mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 6 Labels per sheet (99 x 93mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 68mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 8 Labels per sheet (99 x 68mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 57mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 10 Labels per sheet (99 x 57mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (63.5 x 72mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 12 Labels per sheet (63.5 x 72mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 38mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss or Matt. 14 Labels per sheet (99 x 38mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (99 x 34mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 16 Labels per sheet (99 x 34mm).


Transparent Gloss Labels (63 x 47mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 18 Labels per sheet (63 x 47mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (63 x 38mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 21 Labels per sheet (63 x 38mm)


Transparent Gloss (63 x 34mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss . 24 Labels per sheet (63 x 34mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (46 x 25mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 40 Labels per sheet(46 x 25mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (38 x 21mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 65 Labels per sheet (38 x 21mm)


Transparent Gloss Labels (25 x 10mm)

Transparent A4 Labels in Gloss. 189 Labels per sheet (25 x 10mm)